The Neuroinclusive Professional Programme

Become a Neurodiversity-Savvy Leader in just 30 hours.

A quick guide to Neurodiversity:

7 ways to bring out the best in your
Neurodiverse employees

Neuroinclusive Practice™

We believe that an organisation cannot claim to be inclusive if it is not also Neuroinclusive. Founder, Janette Beetham is herself dyslexic/neurodivergent – something she only discovered in her 30’s! She has spent 15 years helping organisations to better understand and engage their neurodivergent employees.

We have captured this learning in the Neuroinclusive Professional – our foundation programme for Managers. This is an 8-week intensive to help them:

Getting started is simple

Book a call today to discuss how you can benefit by upgrading the neurodiversity-related skills of your managers. You can also download our free worksheet ‘7 ways to bring out the best in your Neurodiverse Workforce’.


“I met Janette through working with the British Dyslexia Association and also as her role as a workplace assessor. Her approach and insight in understanding employment settings and how to support someone with Dyslexia and related neurodiversity are one of the best I have come across.

Professor Amanda Kirby

Neuroscientist, Researcher, Campaigner for Neurodiversity, Medic, Trainer, Knowledge Translator.

Are you ready to boost your Neurodiversity credentials?

It’s time to stop letting your people down and losing talent.

By equipping your managers and leaders to be Neurodivergent-aware, you can become an employer of choice for neurodivergent talent and explore new ways of working.

You can become a truly Neuroinclusive organisation where all of your staff have the opportunity to shine.

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With more than 16 years experience delivering specialist support services and training related to neurodiversity in the workplace.