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Accredited Training Options

Accredited Dyslexia Champions

To ensure neurodivergent individuals feel able to reach out in a proactive way feel in an environment where they feel safe and supported there are numerous organisations (including NHS Trusts, leading Universities and Trade Unions) who now have Accredited Dyslexia Champions within their workforce. These are colleagues who are impartial, knowledgeable and equipped with the ‘soft skills’ to be able to listen, share a few hints and tips and signpost to specialist support if or when needed.

Having completed their training and gained the OCN Level 2 Neurodiversity – Pathways to Support they are able to share a few hints & tips and provide information to enable their colleagues to make an informed choice about whether to seek specialist support or not.

Neuroinclusive Practice

This training programme has been designed, with line managers, supervisors, trainers, and HR personnel in mind, to ensure those who have ‘people responsibility’ and those in ‘people-facing’ roles have appropriate information with which to make more informed decisions when working with their neurodiverse workforce.

When neurodivergent staff feel supported and understood this can ‘smooth the way’ to them accessing specialist support if they need it. Added to this, there is also evidence to suggest that when this happens it not only helps with staff retention, engagement and productivity but also makes these organisations ‘the employers of choice’ for neurodivergent individuals.

Having completed their Neuroinclusive PracticeTM training and gained the OCN Level 3 – Understanding Neurodiversity in the Workplace they gain confidence in their ability to interact effectively with their neurodivergent colleagues, understand the legal obligations and appreciate that for an organisation to be truly inclusive it must also be neuroinclusive in day-to-day practices.

Neurodiversity Aware®

We’ve all read about employers who have found themselves in uncomfortable, legal situations due to lack of awareness of their legal obligations and also, not being aware of the opportunities and value that comes with appropriately supporting a neurodiverse workforce.

This is where the Neurodiversity Aware® training comes into its own. This training and accreditation programme provides the last remaining jigsaw piece for employers in the puzzle that is ‘neurodiversity’.

The programme has been designed for those in leadership roles who are looking at organizational culture and the information infrastructure for a neuroinclusive workplace and anyone else who is keen to embrace and support a neurodiverse workforce and ‘get it right first time…and every time’.

This training programme with OCN Level 4 – Supporting a Neurodiverse Workforce equips you to bring about positive change to ensure the right processes are in place in the future.

Our training programmes are accredited by OCN Credit4Learning and training & learning credits are mapped to national standards and globally recognised.