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Dyslexia Champion The Role

The role of an Accredited Dyslexia Champion

Graduates of the DYSLEXIA CHAMPIONS™ training & accreditation programme are employees who contribute towards a ‘dyslexia/neuro-divergence friendly’ workplace culture.

Through a course of study these individuals have acquired an understanding of neuro-divergent ‘conditions’ and the comorbidity (co-existence) of these. They appreciate the potential challenges faced by those who have little understanding of their own processing differences and/or no appropriate,tailored strategies or tools in place. During their studies they have enhanced their active listening skills and have an understanding of the potential impact dyslexia and other neuro-divergent ‘conditions on well-being and mental health.
Their accredited status is acquired through the completion of an Open College Network (OCN) Level 2 workbook assignment (accompanied by mentoring) which leads to a qualification. Plus there is an opportunity for ongoing CPD which ensures they keep up to date and are able to continue to provide a quality service to those who approach them for guidance.
Please note: These individuals have undertaken this course of study to guide their fellow workers or students, family and friends. This is not a public service.
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