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Dyslexia Champions Charter

The Dyslexia Champions Charter

For there to be a culture within all organisations which fully embraces the concept of neurodiversity and provides appropriate support for neurodivergent individuals. For people to feel safe and comfortable talking about any challenges they may have with their tasks, to be able to find out about what support is available to them and to feel empowered to make informed decisions about whether to seek support … or not.



To be knowledgeable, approachable & impartial volunteer ‘sign-posters’ who, following their course of study, are ‘qualified to guide’ neurodivergent colleagues towards a recognised process of support. To help raise awareness, in the wider organisation, of the benefits of becoming ‘dyslexia/neurodivergence-aware’. Helping avoid potential discrimination & bullying and thereby increasing the likelihood that neurodivergent colleagues will be able to utilise their strengths and realize their potential – thus enhancing their workplace wellbeing and reducing risks to their mental health.

What an Accredited Dyslexia Champion should do and how:

NB. This is a voluntary role which these individuals deliver ‘in good faith’. Following their training they do not speak on behalf of either Right Resources Limited or their employing organisation.