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Getting Results

We deliver work-focused one to one coping strategy coaching ... and we measure the 'distance travelled' by those we work with.

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These graphs show a measure given by the individual showing the ‘before and after’ related to a program of our Specialist Coping Strategy Coaching. (These sessions are delivered by a Specialist Dyslexia & Specific Learning Difficulties Workplace Coach).
The results are from 6 individuals who completed their program of coaching in the past 3 months and they were not ‘selected’ – we simply took the last 6 clients who have worked with us. (As our client identities are strictly confidential each has been assigned a letter plus a number to indicate the duration of their program of coaching ie Client B completed 3 sessions of Specialist Coping Strategy Coaching with us).
The three areas we measure are; confidence, organisation (in terms of how they are coping with work tasks, time management, meeting deadlines etc) and self awareness of their dyslexia (SPLD) related challenges.
These 6 individuals work in a variety of sectors, and they are engaged in a cross section of job roles as you can see here:
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