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With more than 16 years experience delivering specialist support services and training related to neurodiversity in the workplace.
At Right Resources we offer a range of specialist services including;
Manufacturing *Engineering * Retail * HR Professionals * Entertainment * Universities & Colleges * Trade Unions * Local Authorities * Training Organisations * Ambulance Services * Utilities * Finance * Legal * Telecoms * Medical * Social Services * Museums & Libraries * Sport & Leisure * Pharmaceuticals * Petrochemicals … & more

We work within different types of organisations, with varying work cultures, helping clients find the right resources (and/or helping them find more accessible ways of using their existing resources) in order to get the best results from each individual in their workforce. This in turn facilitates individual well-being, reduces workplace stress, increases productivity and as a result this can have a positive impact on the organisation’s ‘bottom line’. You can find some testimonials for Janette’s work by clicking here.

As well as being the Founding Director of Right Resources Limited she is also founder of Dyslexia Champions™ training & accreditation programme, Neuroinclusive Practice training & accreditation programme™ and Neurodiversity Aware® ​training & accreditation. Janette discovered her own Dyslexia during her late 30’s (having struggled quite considerably – without knowing why) and she started up the company in order to have a platform for the specialist work she was doing in relation to researching, developing and delivering services related to supporting those with dyslexia and associated neurodivergent ‘conditions’ in the workplace. She is driven with a passion to ‘make a positive difference’.

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Specialist Support Services

Our team of experienced workplace-focused specialists are qualified in the area of dyslexia and commonly overlapping neuro-divergent conditions (such as dyscalculia & dyspraxia) and we can help you find the support solution that best fits your needs.
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