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Specialist Support Services

Workplace Needs Assessments.

Delivered by our specialist, qualified Workplace Needs Assessors focusing on the individual and their specific challenges with their work tasks, their communications, and their work environment. This is a two-part process of – a Workplace Needs Assessment meeting and a report documenting the recommendations for adjustments whichit is anticipated will help the individuals cope more effectively.

Our particular service is ‘Workplace Needs Assessment Plus’ (WNA+). This comprises a comprehensive 2-hour Workplace Needs Assessment meeting with the individual plus a separate 30-minute one-to-one ‘Line Manager Information Meeting’. (Giving time to both the individual and the Line Manager time to ask question and ensure they have an accurate foundation of awareness to help them work together and implement the recommendations documented in the report).

One-To-One Strategy Coaching

Whilst technology can be invaluable in helping people cope in the workplace- it is only part of the solution when it comes to providing workplace support for neurodivergent individuals.

With XL-Strategy® coaching sessions we work on a one-to-one basis with individuals to ‘mutually problem solve’ and help them develop more effective coping strategies for their day-to-day work tasks– and this can also include helping them integrate the use of any recommended assistive technology. (A programme of XL-Strategy® coaching will range between 3 – 7 sessions…with the average number of sessions being 4).

These sessions are tailored to the requirements of each individual -because we understand that a person-centred approach increases the likelihood of them feeling empowered and able to fulfil their true potential.

Screening, Information, and Guidance Service.

The screening process is as follows:

  • Collection of foundation information via questionnaire.
  • Set up and share of guidance to enable you to access the ‘tailored’ screening. (The screening modules are selected for you based on the responses you have provided in the questionnaire).
  • You then do the screening – online, when convenient for you and at your own pace.
  • Once completed in full you contact us so we can schedule your 30-minute online review meeting.
  • In the meeting the screening results are reviewed, and your questions answered, and recommendations are made for what we believe to be the most appropriate ‘next steps’ for you.
  • The Main Screening Report plus a Neurodiversity Profile Report are then sent to you via email.

(We also kindly ask you to provide feedback on your experience of having a screening with us – as we are keen to ensure we provide a good service to our clients).