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Feedback and Testimonials

“A great trainer and advisor with many years of experience backed with knowledge. I can only say positive things about Janette and her approach to providing support and guidance relating to neurodiversity for individuals and organisations.”

Professor Amanda Kirby, CEO of Do-IT Solutions
Campaigner for Neurodiversity, Medic, Knowledge Translator, researcher, D and I judge, Linkedin Top Voice for 2020

“Janette was one of the first Associates to join the Training team at the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) in 2008. At that time, Dyslexia was barely recognised by any employer and she contributed significantly to the rise in Dyslexia Awareness at Work.

Janette helped to develop policies and programmes for the workplace, she also donated a number of technological solutions to the Charity. Of particular note, was her work in creating best practices for workplace needs assessments and solutions. Many of these practices are now regarded as standard practice. The BDA was the only organisation to implement an accredited course and qualification for workplace needs assessors relating to neurodiversity. Janette contributed heavily to this work and also was the course tutor and assessor for several years.”

Margaret Malpas, MBE

Former Co-Chair of the British Dyslexia Association.
“I have worked with Janette on a number of projects over the past few years, and having become familiar with her work, I am clear that her background and personal experience equip her to switch easily between policy and good practice development, and evidence based and empathic service delivery and client-based work.
We are currently working together, with a small group of colleagues, to take forward the successful careers-focused research and development work I have been doing over the past 10 years).
I invited Janette to join this Group because of her wide-ranging professional experience and expertise, but equally importantly because of the strong ethical approach she brings to her work with clients, and the principles of corporate social responsibility which she demonstrates in her work with clients and colleagues.
Having worked at a senior level in Human resources for 20 years followed by 17 years in dyslexia and dyspraxia consultancy and service delivery, I have no hesitation in commending Janette’s ability to work in these areas, and bring to them both evidence based good practice and a strong commitment to delivering successful and ethical solutions”.
Brian Hagan MA. BA (Hons)
PG. Diploma in Dyslexia Assessment and Training.
Cert.SpLD. (Dyslexia). Dip SW.
​Author – Dyslexia in the Workplace – TUC Guide (Editions 1,2 & 3).
Janette has been instrumental in enabling Imperial College London to support dyslexic staff. Janette and I have worked together for two years and she has supported us with Work Needs Assessment, advice and ensuring that we go above and beyond. In addition, her level of expertise and involvement with the BDA means we get up-to-date information, we can put into practice. I have seen staff blossom with her work place coaching programme. She is simply a joy to work with, very patient and understanding. I cannot recommend Janette highly enough.
Leyla Okhai
Founder – Diverse Minds UK
Former Head of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre,
Imperial College London.

A small selection of comments from HR personnel
and line managers:

Jackie. Call Centre Manager

Janette came to us as one of my team was struggling with their work and thought it might be due to Dyslexia. Rather than running “training sessions” Janette used a more personal approach – looking at the challenges our employee faced each day in their role and coaching them in the best ways to handle them. This made the sessions more relevant to the employee’s situation and as a result, their confidence greatly improved and their performance did too. Following the sessions, the employee seems happier in their work environment and if a more difficult situation arises they feel able to cope using the techniques from the coaching. It has given me real pleasure to see them develop and become a valued member of my team.

From my own meetings with Janette, I could see someone who was professional, committed and genuinely concerned with helping our employee. I rate her very highly and she would be first on my list if a similar situation arose.
We used Janette’s services following performance concerns with one of our employees who thought their struggles at work might be due to Dyslexia – Janette subsequently worked with them over a number of sessions.
Janette’s approach wasn’t ‘one-size fits all’ – it was very much tailored to our employee’s personal circumstances and Janette’s approach was to understand the employee’s work struggles & emotions and really understand how Dyslexia affected our employee on a daily basis so she was able to suggest the most suitable strategies for dealing with the different tasks involved in that particular role. This approach was extremely effective and gradually the difference in our employee’s performance, confidence and the inevitable positive impact this had on everyone around her was very clear to see!
From an HR point of view, Janette was incredibly easy to work with, very professional and genuinely showed compassion and care for our employee – this wasn’t just a service we were paying for, there was a commitment from Janette to really make a difference. As a result, Janette would definitely be our first port of call in the future should we require any further coaching!
Sheena, HR Advisor, Entertainment Venue
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